BIOCHEMISTRY TESTING PRODUCTS:  ELISA Reader, ELISA Washer, Fully automatic Electrolyte Analyzer, Bilirubin Analyzer, Fully automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, Hb Analyzer, ESR Analyzer, Urine Analyzer, Fully Automatic Blood Cell Counter, Colorimeter, Needle Syringe Destroyer. All types of Rapid Testing Kits, Fetal Bovine Serum. 
Ultra Sonicators for Laboratory as well as for Industrial Application, PCR Machine 96 well, 48, 25 well (Gradient/ Non Gradient), Real Time PCR, Mini Gel Electrophoresis system, Midi Gel Electrophoresis system, Power Supply for Electrophoresis system UV Transilluminator, Rotary Microtome, CO2 Incubators, Gel Documentation Systems, Ultra Sonic Cleaners. PCR kits, RTPCR reagents, Antibodies, Antigens, Enzymes, Peptides, Plasmids, DNA-RNA purification kits, Modified Organisms, Substrate , PCR Cloning Kits, Primers, Nucleotides, Site-Directed Mutation Kits, DNA modification, Methylation reagents, Glassware & Plasticware for labs.
Systems are available with RO & UP water from the same compact unit as well as with separate RO & UP models. Suitable for all kind of applications i.e., for  Type grade I, AAS/ ICP/MS/IC/HPLC/GC/Organic analysis, Cell & tissue culture, in vitro fertilization, Electrophoresis RNase/DNase, DNA free & Molecular biology.
LAB MODELS: pH meter, Conductivity meter, DO meter, Turbidity meter, Ion meter, Automatic Titration System, BOD analyzer, COD Analyzer, Portable Kit for Physical/ Chemical/Microbiology testing Qualitative as well Quantitative. All types of Titration & Chemical test kits.

On-line Instruments for monitoring of pH/Conductivity/TDS/ORP/ Chlorine, Turbidity, TOC, BOD, COD
On line Analyzers for CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, NH3, H20, CH4, O2 & Dust Monitors. Offline: Ambient Air Monitoring Analyzers, Work Place Analyzers, High Volume Samplers, Respirable Dust samplers, Stack Monitoring Analyzers, Weather stations, Pocket Weather Meters.
SpectrophotometersVisible/ UV-VIS, HPLC, AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, LC-MS, GC-MS, Ultra Centrifuge, Refrigerated/ Non-Refrigerated Centrifuge machine, GLC, Analytical Balances (Complete range), Tintometers, Viscosity meters, Refractometers, Polarimeters, Spectrofluorophotometers, Microscopes, Ultra Sonicators, Ultra Sonic Homoziners, Fermantors & related consumables/ accessories.   

Deep Freezers (Horizontal/ Vertical) up to -140°C, Cold Rooms, Lypholizers (Freeze Dryers) up to -80°C, ICE Cube, ICE Flake machines, Environmental chambers & Mortuary Cabinets.
Data loggers with RH, Temp., pulse counter, Frequency with software up-to eight channels for complete automation. Tailor make solutions are also available.
Portable Leaf Area Meter, Chlorophyll Meter, Seed Blower, Automatic Seed Counter, Grain Moisture Meter, Soil Moisture/ Temp. meter, Soil Compaction Meter, Soil pH meter, Grain Sclerometer, Seed Capturing Pen, Digital Sugar/ Brix Meter, Soil Testing Kit and Fruit Sclerometer. Rapid Kit for Various Plant Diseases.
RIC Filtration membranes, Filter papers, Thimbles are Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic type. These are of Cellulose Nitrate, Nylon & Glass fiber, which are available in different pore sizes/ different diameters & can be used for different applications.
Autoclave (Horizontal/ Vertical), Water Bath, Water Bath Shaker, Refrigerated water & Circulators, Refrigerated Chiller with immersion probe, Centrifuge machines, High Temperature Furnance, Environmental chambers & recorders, Oil Bath, Oven (Vaccum, Industrial drying, Hot air), Incubator (Bacteriological, Hybridization, BOD, Orbital Shaking, Walk-in), Plant Growth Chamber, Furnance, Humidity Chamber, De-Humidifier, Laminar Flow Cabinets (Horizontal/ Vertical), Fume Hood, Tissue Culture Hood/ Inoculation Chamber, Tissue Culture Rack, Bio-Safety Cabinet.

Flow meter for closed & open channel, Moisture testing (Online Dew point & RH meter), Phase Rotation Indicator, Earth/Ground Tester with 3 Pole Set, Sound level meters, Ultra Sonic Flaw Detectors, Ultra Sonic Thickness Gauge, Coating Thickness Gauge, Portable Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness tester, Surface Roughness Tester, Vibration Testers, Portable Infrared Thermometer, Lux meters, Gloss Meter, Sieve Shakers, Water Sampler, Rain Gauge, Current meter for flow measurement.